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Our focus is on cross-platform content with strong VR / AR at the heart. Working collaboratively with the best technologists, developers, artists and directors we create memorable experiences that explore the world around us in meaningful ways.

From historical explorations which examine an event or a period in time, to cultural expeditions which expose us to new customs and belief systems, our content aims to create dramatized content experiences which offer new perspectives and insights.We create pure distilled narrative experiences that are one of a kind projects which leave a lasting impression.

Through livRe we create authentic, immersive and interactive experiences which we hope can in some part help to educate, enlighten and inspire, taking the technology experiences to the people, harnessing powerful narratives to develop audiences.

The livRe team are a team who LIVE Realities.

livRe brings together the creative, production, technical and digital capabilities along with storytelling expertise under one roof where we push the boundaries of VR and AR technology in order to create accessible moving experiences which allow audiences to live REALITIES too.

We believe VR and AR are our children’s future books, their medium for information, exploration and discovery. We believe it is essential that there should be the right mix of entertainment, discovery and education in these experiences and we aim to write some of the best of these new books out there.

We create narrative experiences which showcase the presence of VR content, bringing the technology to the people through stories and subjects they love.

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